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Child's Censer and Board Games

Child's Censer and Board Games

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FG21 - Narrow Path Family  Board Game

Board game for the entire family. Follow the narrow path to the Kingdom of God and learn about virtues and transgressions. This game is so fun to play, your children won’t even notice they are learning right from wrong!

Our Price: $19.95
Loyalty Points: 1
MLJ - My Lenten Journey

My Lenten Journey, an Interactive Poster for Kids: Large full-color poster plus 40 colorful stickers & a “How-to Guide for Creative Projects” is designed to help students K-5 participate in Great Lent.

Our Price: $3.95
Loyalty Points: 1
Stock Info: 8 In Stock
CTC - Child's Toy Censer

If there is a child in your life that wants to be just like the Priests at your church, this toy censer is a wonderful way for them to play pretend. It also makes a wonderful Ordination gift for Priests with a young family.

Our Price: $49.95
Loyalty Points: 1

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