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Current Promotions

The following promos are good for all customers.Wholesale orders
will receive Wholesale pricing .

Coupon codes must be entered at checkout (when indicated) and cannot be retroactively applied.

Last Minute Shopping Sale

25 percent off select mounted icons!
48 Hour Sale!

Starts Saturday through Sunday Midnight EST

25 percent off Select Mounted Icons


Use discount code Icon at checkout
to receive your discount.

Take advantage of our Two Day offer
to get 25 percent off Select Mounted Icons
48 Hours Only.

Does not apply to Specialty Icons,
Gold and Silver Foil, diptychs, triptychs.

We also have Christmas Cards and Ornaments on Sale.


We would like to Thank everyone for their support during this Nativity Preparation Season.

Wholesale orders
already receive a 30% discount.

Thank You,
Roy and Ronda Doucette
St Joseph School For Boys Bookstore

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