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Orthodox Antiochian Books

Orthodox Antiochian Books

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  SevenWords -  : The Seven Words of Our Lord on the Cross

INTRODUCTION Seven pronouncements were made by Our Lord in His passion on the Cross. They were a lifeblood for us all. At very few instances did He talk during His trial or while being tortured and reviled. He forfeited His own right, and conceded His self-respect. "Love does not seek its own" (1 Cor. 13:5).

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WSB1 - Words of Spiritual Benefit Vol.1

“Blessed is he who seeks a word of benefit and more blessed is he who turns the word into life, lives it and obeys it. You have a few words between your hands, they could penetrate your heart and your thoughts, opening to you a door of contemplation and some practical exercises.” (His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, who was Pope and Patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church)

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